Deliveries For February 2023

Paul Mamane from Brookline, MA

Tom Brodeur and Maureen Chessie- Brodeur from North Attleboro, MA

Lisa Player from Topsfield, MA

Judy Needham and Steve Borack from Abington, MA

Dave and Peter Bryan from Franklin, MA

Casey Litwack and Diana from Marlborough, MA

Luke McDowell from Waltham, MA

Jean VanPutten from Norwood, MA

Jessica Powers from Canton, MA

Sally Garrott from Seekonk, MA

Dan Davis from Boston, MA

Tetsuro "Ted" Yamazaki from Cambridge, MA

Eileen Ezepik from Dorchester, MA

Josh Sizer from Waltham, MA

Colleen Hutchinson from Canton, MA

Nora and Tom Dang from Quincy, MA