Deliveries For November 2019

D.L. from Winchester, MA

S.A. and S.B. from Northport, ME

I.V. and J.V. from Malden, MA

J.R. from Quincy, MA

B.K. from Boston, MA

K.K. from Mansfield, MA

K.F. from Dorchester, MA

S.E. from Needham, MA

M.G., M.G. and M.G. from Stoughton, MA

K.C. from Belmont, MA

A.T. from Arlington, MA

N.W. and C.W. from Foxborough, MA

C.S. and P.S. from Milford, MA

C.B. and J.B. from Dorchester, MA

S.H. from Abington, MA

M.T. and X.T. from Brockton, MA