Deliveries For September 2018

R.D. from Brockton, MA

J.C. and E.C. from Braintree, MA

J.D. from Westwood, MA

N.R. from Franklin, MA

J.D. from Canton, MA

C.T. from Amesbury, MA

D.D. and D.D. from Cumberland, RI

K.F. from Walpole, MA

A.H. from Holbrook, MA

T.H. and J.H. from Canton, MA - a CX-5 for each of them!

J.V. and B.M. from Pawtucket, RI

T.D. from Boston, MA

J.O. from Brockton, MA

K.H. from Boston, MA

J.T. from Somerville, MA