Deliveries For October 2020

P.M. and E.M. from Framingham, MA

J.B. from Brooklyn, NY

P.F. and T.F. from Boston, MA

M.S. from Needham, MA

L.W. from Weymouth, MA

R.B. from Marion, MA

A.H. from Boston, MA

N.P. from Walpole, MA

J.D. from Norfolk, MA

J.G. and E.K. from Jamaica Plain, MA

J.C. from Boston, MA

J.I. and A.I. from Andover, MA

A.S. from Andover, MA

M.K. from Quincy, MA

L.B. from Dedham, MA

C.C. and S.C. from Walpole, MA

M.A.L. and R.L. from Marblehead, MA

N.J. from Lynn, MA

C.N. from Bedford, MA

K.C. from Quincy, MA

M.E. Malone from Boston, MA