Deliveries for August 2014

D.K. from Rockland, MA

R.D. from Somerville, MA

S.L. and J.M. from Charlestown, MA

H.B., A.B. and Family from Mansfield, MA

G.S. and E.S. from Tyngsboro, MA

F.K. and A.K. from Burlington, MA

G.M., E.M. and R.M. from Wellesley, MA

M.P. and Family from Norwood, MA

A.C. and Family from Mansfield, MA

N.H. and D.H. from Franklin, MA

S.C. and F.C. from Hyde Park, MA

K.S and L.S. from Belmont, MA

D.P. from Concord, MA

A.W. from Taunton, MA

P.B. from Cambridge, MA

T.P. from Boston, MA

A.H. from Wellesley, MA

R.C. from Hopkinton, MA

S.Y. and C.W. from Quincy, MA

P.B.-W. and T.B. from Sharon, MA