Deliveries for January 2014

L.P. from Canton, MA

J.B. from Somerville, MA

R.S. from Waltham, MA

N.E. and D.R. from Chestnut Hill, MA

A.T. from Attleboro, MA

J.H. from Gloucester, MA

L.S. from Dedham, MA

R.C. from Charlestown, MA

B.R. and J. from Haverhill, MA

L.M. from Lexington, MA

F.K., J.K. and A.K. from Holbrook, MA

P.S. from Norfolk, MA

K.C. from Norfolk, MA

A.M. from Medfield, MA

M.S. from Mansfield, MA

J.R. from Medfield, MA

T.R. and C.R. from Ipswich, MA