Deliveries for November 2015

K.A. and J.A. from Medfield, MA

B.B. from Newton, MA

M.V. from Medfield, MA

P.M. from Marlborough, MA

K.R. from Quincy, MA

C.H. from Norwood, MA

R.B. and C. from East Boston, MA

M.S. and D.S. from Brookline, MA

D.N. and D.N. from Windsor, CT

S.B. from Mansfield, MA

P.M. from Framingham, MA

B.M. from Weymouth, MA

T.S. from Holbrook, MA

N.M. from Hyde Park, MA

K.G., C.G. and R.G. from Norfolk, MA

J.H. and D.H. from Needham, MA

J.S. from Marshfield, MA