Deliveries for July 2016

D.B. from Woburn, MA

J.G. and Family from Newton, MA

D.S. from Waltham, MA

D.J. from South Easton, M

C.L. and H.L. from Westport, MA

A.K. and R.A. from Westborough, MA

R.M. from Chelsea, MA

C.B. from Portland, ME

P.M. and C.M. from Norwood, MA

W.M. and R.H. from Somerville, MA

L.K. from Cambridge, MA

P.B. from Newton, MA

L.S. from Watertown, MA

L.C. and M.C. from Walpole, MA

A.C. from Framingham, MA

R.D. from North Billerica, MA

C.S. from Mansfield, MA

N.G. and J.G. from Halifax, MA

D.K. and J.K. from Dedham, MA

A.C. from Avon, MA

M.D. and D.D. from Pepperell, MA

S.D., Y.D. and Family from Arlington, MA

C.G. and A.G. from Westwood, MA

A.W. from Woburn, MA